20 Jan Welcome — What Are Your Hot Issues?

Welcome to our Assessment Advisor Blog. We invite you to ask questions, provide suggestions, share interesting assessment cases and use this blog to support your consulting, coaching and talent development initiatives.To get things moving, topics you might find of interest:Interventions -- leaders who don't fit...

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19 Jan Gender Differences in Leadership

What do you think?Despite expertise and education, women are simply not gaining access to top corporate positions in numbers that correlate to readiness. Consider:· Under 2 percent of the top five earners at Fortune 500 and 1000 companies are women· 97.5% of CEOs of large...

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19 Jan Welcome to Assessment Advisor Blog

Welcome to the Assessment Advisor blog hosted by Nancy Parsons, President of CDR Assessment Group, Inc.We are glad to have you on board. This blog is primarily for executives and leaders, executive coaches, organization development professionals, chief learning officers, human resource executives, industrial/organizational psychology specialists,...

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