10 Mar Response to: “Why Every Politician + Doctor Needs a Life Coach”

Original Post on LinkedIn by: Natasha Deonarain, MD, MBA, CPE, Creator of Health-centric Model™, Strategist, Health Activist and Innovative non-conformer… Response by:        Nancy E. Parsons With respect to Politicians: Frankly, I don’t think a “life coach” would be helpful with politicians who are extreme narcissists (or “Egotists”).  By the nature...

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16 Dec Six Leader Profiles That Reject Feedback

When C-Suite executives get the boot, it is not because of their intelligence or lack of knowledge. Low self-awareness is usually the culprit. On the other hand, highly successful leaders are rooted in authenticity and are astute at building and leveraging their own true talent. There...

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05 Oct I Give Leaders a Needed “Time Out”

by Nancy E. Parsons President, CDR Assessment Group, Inc. As a blogger since 2009, being able to share nuggets of learning and experiences is something I enjoy. Writing about leadership, assessments, and executive coaching comes fairly easy. Writing concisely and articulately about why I do what I...

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22 Sep Do You Know Your Intrinsic Motivators?

Retaining top talent is about rewarding people based on their individual needs and wants.  Equally important is that your people should be doing work that they find meaningful and enriching in as much as possible. We measure one's intrinsic motivators with the CDR Drivers & Rewards Assessment....

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Do You Have a Funny Bone?

30 Jul Do You Have A Funny Bone?

Do you remember the game of “Operation” growing up?  The game buzzed and the patient’s nose lit up in red alert if your surgical procedure went off track using tweezers.  As a child, one thing that I always found most appealing about the game was...

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