Response to: “Why Every Politician + Doctor Needs a Life Coach”

10 Mar Response to: “Why Every Politician + Doctor Needs a Life Coach”

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Natasha Deonarain, MD, MBA, CPE, Creator of Health-centric Model™, Strategist, Health Activist and Innovative non-conformer…

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Nancy E. Parsons

With respect to Politicians:

Frankly, I don’t think a “life coach” would be helpful with politicians who are extreme narcissists (or “Egotists”).  By the nature of their inherent personality based
risks, they reject feedback.  That is why they are so thin-skinned and become quite incensed when challenged.  People fear their wrath and their inner circles are filled with sycophants (or “Pleasers”).   Extreme Egotists are the smartest and are superior to all (in their own minds.)  Political leaders saddled with over-the-top narcissism should be vetted early in the process and cast out.   However, they are often charming, charismatic and great at stealing the limelight and media attention.  Their personalities can be like Jekyll & Hyde – charming one minute, then transforming into a vindictive monster the next.  I’ve experienced this with a couple of leader clients and it is alarming to say the least.  Once they achieve the job they seek, their actual performance impact can be catastrophic.

With respect to Physicians:

Most physicians are coachable and respond quite well when we begin the process using their own CDR 3D Suite results.
They appreciate the science behind the instruments.   These tools provide keen in-depth, accurate self-awareness that they value as physicians.  They don’t appreciate vague “style inventories” or light touch coaching.  Physicians are very guarded with giving up any time because this something they don’t have much of with over-packed schedules.  By starting with the CDR Character, Risks and Drivers & Rewards, they are able to, with a skilled coach, cut to the chase immediately during the first coaching session.    Below are three testimonials from CDR certified coaches working predominantly with physicians:

“I find the CDR suite to be a powerful reflective tool for building self awareness in physician leaders. Individual leader’s insights gained through the assessment and subsequent coaching are lasting, transformative and rejuvenating. Use with teams opens eyes, hearts and a greater sense of possibility especially when faulty perceptions and assumptions have created lethargy and cynicism.”

Val Ulstad M.D.- Cascade Partners, Minneapolis, MN



“Collaborating with the CDR Assessment Group has been a sheer pleasure. To start, the tools have proven to be extremely helpful to clients in both leadership and professional roles within the healthcare arena.  One of my seasoned employees stated, ‘I wish I had experienced this ten years ago.’  The CDR 3-D Suite is comprehensive, yet presented in practical and actionable language, a trait that resonates with individuals wanting meaningful insight and reality-based action steps. And to take the excellence further, the entire staff of CDR Assessment Group demonstrates the desire to serve clients by building relationships and trust in their expertise.  When you work with Nancy and her team, you can be assured you and your clients will have a life-changing opportunity to

create new possibilities.”

Kathie Orlay, Senior Organizational Consultant –

Humana (previously was CDR client at Banner Health Care)



“I was first introduced to the CDR assessment in 2008.  At the time, I was in the process of developing a leadership development series with Dr. Val Ulstad that recipients of a Bush Leadership Fellowship would participate in as part of their grant experience. When Val first recommended using the CDR as part of the series, I was very dismissive.  By this time in my professional life I had taken enough personality instruments, including Myers Briggs more than once, to find them all extremely under whelming and not very useful.  Basically, these kinds of instruments were a waste of time in my opinion.  Val persisted though, and finally I agreed to take the instrument and have her coach me.


By the time my coaching session with Val was done, I was a believer in the CDR. So many of the things Val interpreted for me, were things I thought I knew or knew intuitively, but through her skilled coaching, I had a new ways of understanding myself and actions I could take to get better results in my life.  Participants in our seminars had the same reaction as I did to the CDR, which was super cool, especially given how diverse the group was professionally, ethnically and geographically.”

— Martha Lee, Bush Fellowship Program (former)




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